Night of Rewind

by Lowah

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Written, produced and mixed by Vincent Simpson
Cover art by Alice Yoo
Mastered by Paul Gold at Salt Mastering


released August 29, 2016



all rights reserved


Lowah Brooklyn, New York

I make electronic/indie/R&B/idk sounding stuff in Bushwick, Brooklyn.Thanks for the support bbs

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Track Name: Ghostwhite
Pull to the side the road
Ghost white is not a color, I
Just wanna let it go
Before we sour up the ride


I'm not the only one
Who spoke with no conviction, I
Confused your mood again
Too soon to rile up your eye


Come to the mist tonight
I strayed and barely said a word
I'll feel myself again
You always break it inside out


You're not a hallow one
Who mumbles unaffected, I
Move to the hourglass
And stop to swallow all the light

Track Name: Four of Us
Playing through the glitches
When’d you grow up
Feel like you’re the older one
Getting complicated
Just to visit home
But dad will make it easier
Let’s record your songs
So you can stay with me
Remind me where my home is
Sorry for the lash-outs
Thinking I was stuck
When really I was fortunate

Sounding like a siren
Approaching from behind
Passing through your eardrums
Barely in my body
No I don’t smoke
Has me feeling useless
How we doing brother??Too much time alone
I guess it’s all a compromise
Nostalgic for the weeknights
Warming up the house
Now I can't watch tv alone

And as for the four of us
I’m getting the sense
That I’m the most susceptible
To changes in behavior
Modeled off of you
Converging towards the four of us

Modeled off of you
Converging towards the four of us

Blotting out the block
To share between the four of us
Track Name: Night of Rewind
Waver in my mind
Clutching thread to bind
Cautious of my pace
Calming down the waves

Let's not talk my heart
Leave it in the dark
You were always fine
Leaving us behind, night of rewind
Track Name: Endless
Home again and waiting for an answer
To when this all will begin
And honestly I'm not sure of anything
Maybe that's just my age
But I had her and summer was endless
Until that summer ended
I wrote a list so I would remember
But I'm still missing it

Mom knows when we feel off balance
However I disguise it
Snuck out without any questions
To prove myself something
Like you are grown and don't need permission
So why you asking it?
And when does love become a constriction?
before you realize it

I tried meditation that my brother offered
I broke concentration and everything altered

Alone again and tossing a mindset
Of leaning on escapes
Cause places, however you make them
Are set to change in shape
But you are grown and using discretion
That's how I'll look of it
As you move past my passive aggression
With a silent hint

Waning along with the daylight
Fleeting my bedroom
And with it a sense of potential
As i move to hit the switch
But there is something unnatural
With fluorescent lighting
Track Name: Take What You Want To
Say what you want to
I’ve been real with you babe
for someone so tasteful
you haven’t made to much
don’t know why your approval
is killing me
cause when I’m around you
I can’t force a smile
But still, but still

Take what you want to
Take what you want to
Take what you want to
Take what you want to
My lips to the earth

Mood of December
Dragging out the night
You’re the dream I remember
but can’t recreate
Don’t know why your removal
still cheapens me
when all that surrounds me
Is paying with a palm out
you still, you still,

Take what you want to
Take what you want to
Take what you want to
Take what you want to
My lips to the earth
Track Name: Half In Half Out
Tread in your discomfort
Take some time to offer
Selfless Doings
Honest mistake

Maybe you're just bluffing
Smirk on your blank expression
Half in half out
Layered in dirt

Just too quick to open
Bit the tongue I'm holding
I'll just slip out
Let it cool now

Caught a new moon shaded
Strange of me to notice
All the changes
Waiting, faded

I made a habit to run through
all of the causes I'm working at
You said you're waiting on something new
I don't know what i could say to that
I payed my way just to let renew
The feeling of freedom to move about
Hanging around with a static dramatic lot
Until you find a way to the grime
Track Name: Layers
Lately I've been thinking how it started
The way you were pursuing me
Disregarded i was still taken
And taken by surprise by you

But I remember walking through the snow
2 am on Saturday
And I took your hand and walked slowly
Then you slid home with me

Lately I've been thinking how it ended
where it was when we fell off
I know some time before my brother’s wedding
You barely could pretend you were still mine

that is how this shit tends to go
Left feeling oblivious
Consequence of how we grow
Apart from the distance

I called you and we both acted indifferent
So you put me on a screen
Didn't seem to make a bit of difference
You asked can you visit me

But I'm not trying to drive 200 miles
Just to hear you say to me
I am not the kind to make a promise
When you made it clear to me

Monday I was drinking with the neighbors
And I I could feel the sun on me
Imagined where you were in that moment
If you could feel the sun on you too

And did you take a layer off
Did you take my layer off
And did you take a layer off
Did you take my layer off